The best luxury cars of 2018

The best luxury cars of 2018

Luxury cars are ideal if you are looking for full-sized cars with stylish interiors, latest gadgets, and sophisticated exteriors that are worth all the money. These cars have been made for luxury and hence, they are heavier on the pocket and might not be suitable as family cars. However, you may look for affordable luxury sedans. But if you are a business magnate who likes to arrive in style, these cars are the perfect rides for you. A range of new luxury cars, both sedans and SUVs were launched in 2017. The trend continues in 2018. Below is a list of luxury cars which are in the top slots in 2018. These are the best cars of 2018 and are definitely going to stay on top in 2019 as well.

Tesla Model S
One of the best cars of 2018, Tesla Model S provides world-class performance along with the best interiors in the industry. The car has a lightning fast acceleration and an outstanding range. Model S is loaded with tech features that make it an impressive buy in the large car segment.

This car has a stylish cabin which seats five people. Both the front and back row are spacious and so is the cargo. With the 2018 model, the base price of this new luxury car has gone up by $5000 approximately.

Genesis G90
Genesis G 90 is one of the best new cars for 2018, for people who love luxury and seek a serene ride. This car delivers excellent performance and an ample engine power. G90 provides more standard and tech features as compared to any other car in its league and offers a competitive price. It has an all-wheel drivetrain and extra rear seat, along with spacious seating for five and a big trunk.

2018 Audi A7
One of the best midsize luxury sedan cars, Audi A7 delivers an excellent combination of performance and luxury. This car ranks high among the large luxury cars. One of the best-rated cars of 2018, Audi A7 is backed by a powerful engine along with an above average fuel economy for its class. The car is smooth to handle despite its large size and makes for extremely comfortable rides. The cabin is handsomely fitted with spacious leather seats, latest infotainment system, and top-of-the-class safety features.

2018 Mercedes Benz CLS Class
Mercedes has been the definition of style and class for the longest time and with CLS class they take their heritage one step ahead, where style combines with the latest tech to give you a world class car. This car seats four people and has excellent supportive front seats. The engine is very powerful and handling is smooth.

2018 Cadillac CT6
One of the best cars of 2018, Cadillac CT6 delivers performance and fuel efficiency better than any other car of the luxury class. This car disappoints with its difficult-to-use infotainment system but makes up for the other sections like spacious interiors, latest safety features, athletic driving dynamics, and supercruise technology. CT6 comfortably seats five people and has room for even tall people.

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